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  • Specialized advice for CE Marking (Dir. 2006/42/CE) of new machinery (machines and almost machines) and machines subject to substantial changes: assistance in the certification of products in compliance with the European Community Directives with:
    • Drafting of the Technical File and/or Specific Documentation dictated by the specific legislation;
    • Risk analysis (UNI EN 12100 standard and general and specific harmonised rules)
    • Manual stoming: use and maintenance instructions with preparation of procedures and operational instructions for workers and maintainers
    • Writing the parts documentation: parts catalogs
    • Specific technical reports on electrical safety control and control systems, SRCR verification and validation document under ISO 13849-1.
  • Advice on the implementation of used machines/plants (built prior to the regulation of EU directives) with compliance analysis, identification of the remediation project in accordance with existing legislation on the safety of machines and plants:
  • Compliance Rating Exhibit V – D.Lgs. 81/08 with respective analysis and determination remediation plan;
  • Checking residual risks
  • Directional assistance to machine remediation work
  • Specialised advice for alignment with EU directives for pressure equipment, window windows, inerts, medical devices, ATEX directive, etc.
  • Electrical safety instrumental tests, noise tests, modular approach for electromagnetic compatibility etc.

The following services can be integrated into these activities:

  • Surveys of machines, equipment, metal structures, etc. and the drafting of graphic graphs (in principle and design;
  • Drafting of the safety layout of machines/plants with identification of hazards, prohibitions and obligations;
  • Size of metal structures, supports and transmission organs
  • FEM calculations of mechanical details and assemblies
  • Structural calculations for carpentry and mechanical works
  • Electrical safety system designs with circuit diagrams and any existing documentation updates depending on the adjustments.

In order to determine the actual risks to which a worker is exposed, an analysis and evaluation of the risks must be carried out.

Current regulations point to this type of approach to the security system. PIQUADRO ENGINEERING is able to ensure its customers the highest professionalism and is able to offer them:

  • Preparation of security documents containing risk assessment
  • Business Security Consulting
  • Noise Risk Assessment
  • Vibration Risk Assessment
  • Design-time and run-time security coordination
  • Editorial Emergency Plan
  • Editorial Security and Coordination Plans (PSC)
  • Corporate Electrical Risk Assessment
  • Explosion Risk Assessment (Atex)
  • Fulmination risk assessment


  • Preparing elaborate charts
  • Calculating the fire load
  • Obtaining Project Examination Opinion by the Provincial Fire Service Command
  • Survey application for CPI release
  • Survey assistance
  • S.C.I.A. predisposition

The design of electrical systems is a historical activity of the Associate Studio. The services are made in both civil and industrial dress.


  • Advice and Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary, Definitive and Executive Design
  • Suitable Project Chapter
  • Home automation projects
  • Civil and industrial automation projects
  • Economic Assessment Preventive works to be realized
  • Assistance with Supplier
  • Job Directorate
  • Instrumental checks
  • Tests


  • Distribution plants
  • MT/BT Processing Plants
  • Lighting systems
  • Safety systems
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Anti-intrusion systems
  • Smoke detection, fire, gas detection systems
  • Video surveillance systems

PIQUADRO ENGINEERING also specializes in the design of technological facilities in all areas of construction, civil, industrial and tertiary, and is therefore able to offer the following services:

  • Advice and Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary, Definitive and Executive Design
  • Suitable Project Chapter
  • Economic Assessment Preventive works to be realized
  • Job Directorate
  • Instrumental checks
  • Tests


  • Heating system design
  • Plumbing design
  • Air conditioning equipment design
  • Refrigeration plant design
  • Plant design for process fluids
  • Designing ventilation systems
  • Methane gas plant design
  • Plumbing design
  • Compressed air system design
  • Steam plant design
  • Water treatment plant design
  • Suction plant design

Designing fire water extinguishing systems.

Studio PIQUADRO ENGINEERING for years has been taking care of the sustainability of its realizations by designing plants that contain consumption using renewable sources. Each intervention is evaluated in advance by carrying out a Technical Analysis of Producibility together with an Economic Analysis. From a technological point of view:


  • Photovoltaic modules with monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous silicon
  • Thin film modules, Cis/CdTe
  • Networked and Offgrid Inverter
  • Integrated photovoltaic roofs
  • Built-in photovoltaic facades
  • Specialized components for photovoltaic systems
  • Networked photovoltaic systems
  • Hybrid photovoltaic systems for non-networked users
  • Photovoltaic storage systems
  • Photovoltaic street lighting, for gardens


  • Flat, vacuum-, non-glazed, air-to-air solar collectors
  • Solar boilers
  • Control, measurement
  • Specialized components for solar thermal systems
  • Natural/forced solar systems
  • Solar systems combined health water and heating
  • Integrated gas-solar, biomass-solar systems
  • Solar cooling systems
  • Thermoelectric solar/concentration systems


  • Geothermal systems for the production of hot water and heating;
  • Horizontal and vertical geothermal probe systems

In line with the statutory provisions regarding the energy performance indices of buildings, Our Structure issues appropriately prepared Energy Certification Certificates. From an Energy Diagnosis of the building envelope it is possible to identify the Energy Class belonging to the same and identify any improvements of the building system/plants aimed at the energy redevelopment of the building.

  • Energy Diagnosis of Buildings
  • Thermal transmitation calculations of opaque structures
  • Thermal transmitation calculations of windowed components
  • Calculations of economic benefits in the face of energy redevelopments
  • Energy redevelopments through the use of renewable energy sources
  • Well-to-do systems on groundwater
  • Assistance in using “Thermal Account” incentives

In the latter period, the Certification of Compliance of Lifting Equipment has taken on particular importance, such as:

  • Cruises
  • Brackets
  • Bag Port
  • Carts
  • Balances
  • Etc.

PIQUADRO ENGINEERING is able to ensure all assistance in the certification phases:

  • Structural calculations
  • Workshop executive drawings
  • Risk analysis
  • Usage and Maintenance Guide
  • Technical Paper
  • Certified Lifting Tests

In addition, the firm is able to carry out the investigations of INDAGINE SUPPLEMENTARE and LIFE RESIDUA for the lifting equipment put into service for more than 20 years.

“knowledge and growth”

PIQUADRO ENGINEERING is not a training institution, but with a view to a common growth of the national industrial environment, and ultimately the company, it believes that making available its specific and non-generic skills to increase the technical knowledge.

For this reason, in relation to the areas of expertise, members hold courses for training institutions or in the company on specific sectors:

  • Machines Directive
  • Pressure Devices
  • Electrical Skills Certification (PAV-PES-PEI)

From a strategic point of view, PIQUADRO ENGINEERING considers the involvement and awareness of all business figures on strategic issues where the effective participation of all is the key to the success of companies.

Just to get closer to the heart of real problems, we prefer training in the company, with targeted approaches based on the specific company reality, and in any case choosing highly interactive training methodologies and preferably on the job.