The Office

The PIQUADRO ENGINEERING studio was born from the evolution of the PIQUADRO Engineering Associate who has been working since 2009 through the unification of professionals with many years of experience, in order to provide customers with concrete support for business improvement.

Based in Spoltore (PE) in Via Europa, the study consists of several professionals working in different sectors of civil and industrial technological engineering.

In particular, the design and construction experiences concerned virtually all the technological problems that have characterized the evolution of industrial plants and machines in recent years

The matured resolutive capacity, even of the most complex problems, is dictated by the deep knowledge of innovative technologies and national and European regulations.

The issues on which the PIQUADRO ENGINEERING has developed, and still develops its business today, are aimed at creating a reality capable of providing a high level of professional preparation in all areas of competence with particular attention to:

  • industrial installations;
  • production lines;
  • equipment checks

To respond to the changing needs of the market and the different perception of the value of external consultancy by companies, PIQUADRO ENGINEERING today consists of an organized structure aimed at making the business grow in terms of quantity, while guaranteeing the highest level of quality and operational, addressing issues that are continuously renewed, and developing increasingly effective technical / organizational approaches to meet customer needs.

The policy adopted in carrying out the usual technical and organizational consultancy activities is essentially based on the opportunities to work together with the client as the best opportunity for common growth, believing that this is a valid strategy to always guarantee the business, and to be able to face the new and increasingly complex issues on which customer interest is focused.

The professionals

The Firm has chosen to equip itself with a light and flexible structure, able to ensure continuity to the accumulated professional experience and, at the same time, to adapt over time to the specific needs of each individual order.

The professionals permanently present in the study are those of the Engineer members, who are joined by collaborators, with whom a long-standing joint work experience has matured, with leading experiences in various sectors.

The professionalisms expressed are:

  • EC certification of machines and lines
  • Expertise on the PED markings of pressure equipment
  • Competences on all the regulations concerning the industrial safety of machines
  • Expertise on plant design
  • Skills in mechanical design
  • Skills in fire design
  • Skills in fire design

In addition to the normal equipment of PCs and specific software for the profession, PIQUADRO ENGINEERING has the necessary equipment for field surveys such as:

  • Multi-purpose tool for analyzing power lines
  • Professional thermal imager
  • Professional sound level meter
  • Luxmeter
  • Endoscope